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RazorPit Teneo

RazorPit Teneo

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For anyone who shaves with disposable-cartridge multi-blade razors, the RazorPit is an amazing invention. It looks like an iPhone but it will become an indispensable part of your grooming regimen.

With a few quick strokes the RazorPit strips out trapped soap residue that causes blades to feel prematurely dull and realigns the blades' edges, extending the life of a cartridge from a week or two up to a couple months. 

If saving a lot of money on refill cartridges isn't enough of an incentive, think about the environmental impact of 20 million American male shavers going through a 5-pack of blades every eight weeks. At 2 ounces a package that's eight thousand tons of waste a year. If you won't use the RazorPit for yourself, use it for the children.

(Includes the sharpener and stand. You supply razor and spare blade cartridges.)

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