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Juicy Salif Juicer

Juicy Salif Juicer

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Phillippe Starck's "Juicy Salif" juicer was EVERYWHERE after its debut in 1990. Its somewhat alien appearance and questionable functionality as a kitchen item made it the butt of many jokes as it became increasingly ubiquitous. It's fallen a bit out of vogue in the ensuing 20+ years, but it's ripe for a comeback.

Here's the deal: we think it's a great decorative item, but making orange juice in the kitchen is the wrong approach. It belongs on a well-appointed bar, where it works perfectly well for juicing half a lime or lemon, and where it makes a strong statement about the mixologist's design savvy and perhaps his or her sense of irony.

Whether you use it or not, it's a cool item to have around. And as the post-modern revival ramps up, it's a great addition to any home - kitchen or bar.

Made of cast aluminum. 11-1/2" tall.

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