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Chemex Handblown Coffee Maker

Chemex Handblown Coffee Maker

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This simple design from the 1940s still makes one of the best cups of coffee, hands-down. 

This version is the original version - mouth-blown heat-resistant glass, the wooden collar, the leather tie. The angles that go straight down instead of rounding at the bottom. The slightly heavier weight in the hand. The one that's in MoMA's permanent collection. The one that gives you the satisfaction of knowing they're all good, but this one's just a little better.

Chemex measures cups as 5 oz each, so this 8-cup coffee maker really makes up to 3 or 4 modern cups of coffee. Perfect for one or two people.

9-1/2" high, 6" diameter. 40 ounce capacity. 

Don't forget filters - available here.

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