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Kiya Black Nail Clippers

Kiya Black Nail Clippers

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In the Boy Scouts they told us it was important for young men to keep their fingernails clean and trimmed. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but as an adult it's become something I always notice, particularly when nails aren't well-cared for. Thanks, Boy Scouts.

You don't need a resort to a professional manicure to stay on the Scoutmaster's good side. Just good nail clippers and a file. These clippers fit the bill. Much sharper than cheap drugstore clippers and the plastic case catches clippings instead of letting them fall to the floor. The built-in file is also wildly efficient.

PRO TIP: Nail biters - spend five minutes a week on your nails and you'll kick the habit. Always remember to file after clipping.

Kiya is a 217-year old Japanese company with a long tradition making knives. These nail clippers were introduced in 1987 and have been a best-seller since.  Made of hardened steel, with a plastic case. 2-1/2" long.

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